If you've not yet made the move from traditional forms of media including TV, print, and commercial/community radio; which we know can all be pricey, then you are seriously missing out. Internet radio and live audio streaming have become more popular in recent years that it has ever been, and is a normal way of life for hundreds of thousands of people listening to online radio. 


Today's consumers are fully embracing internet radio of a range of devices. Now, listening to the radio is not limited in which the area you live in; people can access it from around the globe. Listeners love to hear the music they want 24/7, wherever they may be. If you are looking to advertise, this is the perfect deal for you! Listeners can listen in on smartphones, tablets, laptops, sound systems, Wifi radio and now car radio. Internet radio is the best choice and way to advertise because everyone will get to hear it! 



Reach people across the world with your business 


Online radio is great because there is more freedom effect; which sends your business thriving.  in variety and choice. There are no geographical boundaries with online radio; anything is in reach! Most stations on the web are free to listen to, which means fewer ads for the listeners and more music. This way, more people will hear your advert and business because there are fewer adverts playing, which means increased


It is certified that people who listen to online radio listen longer than FM because there is nothing stopping them from tuning out, which means more listeners will hear your advert. Today's trend is listening while you drive, hanging out with friends, working out or just chilling. 


1. Bigger audience - no geographical boundaries; more people from more countries can access your business 


2. Longer length of listening - ease and convenience of listening whenever and wherever the listener goes. 


3. Internet access - The average consumer will be listening through the internet; which means they will be accessing your businesses website and social media with ease. 


Save money with online advertising 


It doesn't all end there; let's talk about money. We all know that trying to get your business heard on commercial/community radio is hard and the prices don't come cheap! It is most likely that the advertisement will not run for very long either. 

You will be surprised that advertising on internet radio costs MUCH less than it does on regular radio stations. The listener will react as they will browse the internet and social media when the advert is heard. The listener is looking directly at your product, there and then. 


No matter how big or small your business is, advertise with This Is Power Radio today! Our prices are is possibly the best option. budget friendly for all businesses if times are tight and


Website advertising


We also offer image advertising. Different banners and images are placed on the website, which means your business is seen by anyone who views the website! The images are hyper-linked and the consumer will go straight to your businesses website; wow! 



Contact Us


To discuss all advertising needs, please get in touch with our Sales Team: 


Sales line: 0843 289 7809 - During office hours 9am to 5.30pm

(After hours please leave a message and someone from the team will be in touch within 24 hours). Please note calls cost 10p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

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