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Each internet radio station in the UK has requirements in respect of its music and content, such as news, speech levels etc...These requirements are set out in the Terms and Conditions as set by UK-based music licensing regulators. This Public File contains details of the elements that are regulated, such as music tracks, news etc. It is intended to give you a better understanding of our output and what we are doing.


News bulletin schedule


Power Radio broadcasts bulletins containing a mix of UK and world news together with sport, entertainment and weather information on the hour from 06.00am to 10.00pm (Weekdays) UK time.


Recent news stories covered on air


Articles on some of the most recent and relevant news stories can be found on the ‘News’ section of our website.

The news team


The news bulletins for Power Radio is provided by Sky News, the Met Office and You can contact Power News (the product which both compiles and receives news alerts for all of the Edge Media platforms) through the Contact page of this website.


The news topics discussed on any of the radio shows may be selected from a variety of sources chosen by our presenters. Please use the Contact page to contact the relevant team for each Presenter for further discussion.


The programme schedule


Details of Power Radio’s programmes can be found on the Shows page. This includes details of all the shows for the weekend as well as details about each presenter.


The average number of hours of automated programming


We are proud to broadcast the vast majority of our output live from a variety of studios located worldwide. Some of our content is pre-recorded during the week, and occasionally you may hear repeat episodes of past shows. Only our nightly output is fully automated (5 hour per 24 hours).


The amount of local programming per day produced by the station


As an internet radio station, we try to cater for the international community – focusing on World News and multiple locations where possible. Whilst the output is presented worldwide, all of the content is produced from our main studios located in Hampshire, UK.

Station contact details


We love hearing from our listeners! If you’d like to contact us for any reason, you can do so by visiting our Contact page (, Facebook (, Direct Email ( or you can Call or Text for a small fee (+44 843 289 7809)


Events / charities support or coverage


Edge Media and Power Radio is proud to work alongside our supported charity, The Future Project, which acts separately from Power Radio. Although, we regularly produce charity campaigns every year. For more details, or to ask any questions, please contact the FP Team on the Contact page.


Recent programme and / or news highlights


We keep our website up to date with the latest happenings at Power (and Edge Media), so if you want to know what we’re up to, then please visit the homepage at As well as that, our social media has alerts about the different content being broadcasted on-air. If you have any specific questions, then our Contact page contains details of how to get in contact with us.


The station’s playlist


Our playlist can be found on our homepage, social media and the ‘Music’ area of the website ( or here, and is updated every Thursday. Whilst this is not every song we play (as presenters are allowed to select any song to play on air, granted that it is clean) it may give you an ideas as to the type of music we are playing on air right now.


How to complain to the station or to regulators


If you have a complaint to make about Power Radio, in the first instance please contact Jessica Nunes, Managing Director. She can be contacted on +44 843 289 7809 or on the Contact page. If you are unhappy with the response you receive, we will forward you some information to complain to our regulators.


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